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Inkjet Refill Kits

The Economical and Environmentally Friendly Way to Reduce Printing Cost

Inkjet printing has been the most popular printing technology for home users and small businesses for many years.  Inkjet printers are versatile, inexpensive and produce good printing quality. The price of inkjet printers has dropped considerably over the past few years but replacement ink cartridges remain short-lived and costly.   

Inkjet Refill Kit is undoubtedly the most economical and environmentally friendly way to reduce printing cost.  For example, the Lexmark 12A1970 is usually $28.99 per cartridge at Walmart. The inkjet refill kit for 12A1970 is only $9.95 and refills the black 12A1970 twice. That means instead of paying $57.98 for two cartridges, you would pay only $9.95 to refill your old cartridge, giving you a savings of $48.03 or 82%.

Refilling old cartridges is also good for the environment.  It saves landfill space and extra resources to produce new cartridges.

Most people can refill the inkjet cartridges themselves following some simple guidelines:

1. Refill your cartridge before it has run out of ink. If printing continues after the ink has run dry, the cartridge's nozzle burn out and be permanently damaged. Once the nozzle is damaged it is impossible to reuse the cartridge.

2. Do not refill your cartridge with more than the recommended amount of ink per the refill kit instruction.  Refilling with too much ink will cause the cartridge to overflow and uneven ink absorption into the sponge, result in ink leakage and poor print output.


Some inkjet cartridges do not allow refilling because of the design, ink refill kits are available for the following brands, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Sharp and Xerox.

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