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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Ink

Advantages of Solid Ink:

Print quality

Solid ink produces vibrant colors and remarkable print quality on a wide range of media such as cardstock, envelopes, transparencies, recycled paper.

Safe to handle

Solid ink sticks are safe to use and handle.  They are made of non-toxic vegetable oils and they won’t melt in your hands.  Unlike inkjet or laser cartridges, they won’t leak or spill.

Environmentally friendly

When the solid ink sticks are used up, there is no empty cartridge left.  Xerox claims that solid ink produces 90% less waste compared to toner cartridges.  After 100,000 prints, a color laser can produce 157 pounds of waste while a solid ink printer produces only 5 pounds.

Easy ink loading

Xerox makes solid ink sticks in different shapes so the color sticks only go to the right slot.  The ink slots are placed on the top of the printer, you can replace the ink at any time, even during printing.

Compact design

A solid ink printer only consists of 3 main assemblies: the print head, the print drum and the controller.  There are fewer parts to maintain and repair.  The printer is more compact and takes up less space than a color laser printer.

Fast print speed

Solid ink printer has fast “throughput” – the time between clicking the “print” button and seeing the print job come out.  When warmed up, solid ink has one of the fastest first-page-out times.  In general, solid ink printers can print up to 30 pages per minute.


Solid ink printers and their consumables are more affordable than color laser printers and color toner cartridges. 


Disadvantages of Solid Ink:

Warm up time

It may take a few minutes to warm up the printer.


The solid ink prints are sensitive to UV light and color may fade under sunlight over time. 

Power consumption

Compared to laser printer, solid ink printers consume more power to WINTER15 up the inks and keep them at the melting point. 

Print surface

The solid ink wax paints on the surface of print media, creating a slight raised surface.  It is difficult to highlight or write on the printed text or images. 

Volume printing

Solid ink printers are better used for high volume printing.  If the printer is turned off, it will take several minutes to warm up again.  If left idle for a long time, the printer will keep burning ink. 


Advantages and disadvantages of solid ink
Solid ink vs color inkjet vs color laser





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